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Date Time
27/03/10 15.20
Underage drinkers on South Pier, Police informed, drinkers removed from pier for safety.

Date Time
01/05/10 11.00
Yacht grounded in Middleton Basin, asked by HM Coastguard to keep under observation, yacht refloated at 14.20.

Date Time
06/05/10 13.20
Two Youths misusing lifebelts on South Pier. H M Coastguard informed.

Date Time
08/05/10 11.05
Speedboat lost power in Middleton Basin request by H M Coastguard to keep under observation. Boats power restored after 20 minutes.

Date Time
15/05/10 09.50
Yacht grounded in Middleton Basin, request by H M Coastguard to keep under observation. Yacht re floated at 13.25.

Date Time.
05/06/10 15.15
Two anglers reported to H M Coastguard on Longscar Rocks with Kayak. Departed safe.

Date Time
14/06/10 12.25
Bait digger between sand trap piers in Middleton out of sight with tide rising. H M Coastguard informed and mobile patrol sent to investigate, man found safe on Middleton Strand.

Date Time
14/06/10 09.00
Request from Humber Coastguard to try and make contact with a fishing vessel who had lost contact with H M Coastguard. Coastwatch made contact and its position reported ... assistance sent to fishing vessel.

Date Time
27/06/10 17.30
Two youths in rubber inflatable, no life jackets, climbing onto navigation buoy in Hartlepool Channel, H M Coastguard and Harbour Master informed.

Date Time
13/07/10 12.25
Request from H M Coastguard following a MAYDAY call from an Eperb beacon in Hartlepool bay. Reported to Coastguard that no vessels in that area. Coastguard to follow up further checks

Date Time
13/07/10 14.00
Requested by H M Coastguard following a broken radio call from a white angling boat in Tees Bay area, vessel sighted by Coastwatch and position reported to Coastguard. Lifeboat sent to assist.

Date Time
08/08/10 16.45
Pleasure craft with 20 plus passengers on board grounded in Middleton Basin, Tall Ships event control informed. Lifeboat sent to assist, also yacht grounded in same area ILB sent to assist.

Date Time
08/08/10 20.40
Yacht grounded between North and South Hartlepool outer harbour in firework exclusion firing zone Fast rescue boat sent. Crew of yacht (3) reluctant to leave vessel as had no electronics, no lights or radio. Crew were taken off by fast rescue boat and returned to yacht later and anchored at 21.40.

Date Time
21/08/10 14.15
Two canoes lashed together with wood in Victoria Harbour shipping channel with 4 adults and 1 child, no life jackets with a sea state of moderate. Humber Coastguard informed and lifeboat sent to assist and towed back to beach.

Date Time
21/08/10 15.20
Youths tomb stoning into shallow water near Hartlepool Yacht Club pier, H M Coastguard and police informed, action taken.

Date Time
30/08/10 14.20
A kite surfer lost control of his kite and ran into danger off the Longscar Rocks in heavy sea. Humber Coastguard informed. A Jet ski trying to assist was washed from his ski but made his way to safety as the inshore lifeboat went to the aid of the kite surfer.

         Date Time
         11/09/10 0935. 
         Logs reported floating 1 mile offshore Coastguard issued a radio warning to vessels in the Tees Bay area.

         Date Time
         27/10/10. 1456.
         3 youths interfearing with a lifrbelt on the Heugh Breakwater, Locat Coastguard informed. Youths left
         the scene before the Coastguard arrived.

         Date Time
         04/11/10 1445.
         Fly tipper behind flats on the Marina reported to the Council.

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