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Before A Flood

Know where you can find out if a flood warning is in force for your area. This will give you advance notice to prepare for a flood event. Information can be found at:

Floodline 0845 988 1188 * - 24 Hours a Day

Teletext Page 159
BBC Ceefax Page 419
Digital Ceefax Page 405
Local Weather Travel and News Bulletins.

Start Preparing today - Before a flood happens.

Use the following steps as a flood plan.

1. Check your insurance cover

Check your buildings and contents policy
Confirm you are covered for flooding.
Find out if the policy replaces new for old and whether it has a limit on repairs.
Don't underestimate the value of your contents.

2. Know how to turn off your Gas, Electricity and Water Mains supplies.

Ask your supplier how to do this.
Mark Taps or switches with labels to help you remember.

3. Prepare a flood kit of essential items.

Copies of your home insurance documents
A torch with spare batteries
A wind up or battery Radio
Warm Waterproof clothing and blankets
A first aid kit and necessary medication
Bottled water and non-perishable food
Baby food and baby care items

4. Know who to contact and how.

Agree where you will go and how to contact each other.
Check with your local council if pets are allowed at evacuation centres
Keep a list with all your important contacts to hand.

5. Think about what you can move now.

Don't wait for a flood. Move items of personal value such as, photo albums, family videos and treasured mementos to a safe place.

6. Think about what you would want to move to safety during a flood.

Outdoor pets
Electrical Equipment
Garden pot plants and furniture

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